About Us

About TRNK

TRNK is a design studio and curatorial platform that celebrates the role of art and design in intimate, livable spaces.

Alongside our in-house product line, TRNK Collection, we feature a cultivated selection of furniture, objects, and artworks from a diverse roster of global talents. Motivated by the ways that environments shape our interactions, memories, and experiences, we spend time with every piece to ensure our products strike an ideal balance between artistry and function.

Our Vision

Above all else, spaces should reflect the lifestyle and values of the people who occupy them. As a minority and LGBTQ+ owned business, we celebrate evolving concepts of how and with whom we share space in contemporary society. New brand initiatives, including our ongoing series of digital exhibitions, interrogate questions of race, identity, and cultural bias in design, while supporting organizations like the Ali Forney Center and The Black Youth Project 100.