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If the future releases are as timeless as these, Dixon is well on his way to achieve the goal he set when founding TRNK: ‘to be a single destination for everything in your home.

  • After noticing a void in the upholstered furniture industry, the TRNK co-founders set out to create the affable collection that maintained the brand’s high standards of materiality and construction.

  • Dixon’s inaugural exhibition, ‘Rend’, which features an international group of newly commissioned and limited edition pieces, would have served as a poignant counterpoint to TRNK’s well-honed assortment of furniture and accessories, that also includes in-house product line known as TRNK Collection.

  • In the years since, however, TRNK has blossomed into a beloved cult brand that is perhaps best experienced in person and in good company, hence Dixon’s penchant for entertaining. 

  • I want to fill my space with the entire TRNK Collection. The new TRNK Truss line is elegant yet practical.

  • Curated by Tariq Dixon, the co-founder of home-furnishings studio Trnk, the show benefits the Ali Forney Center to combat LGBTQ+ youth homelessness in New York City. And it’s personal, exploring intersecting identities as both a queer person and a BIPOC. 

  • Bridging the gap between what’s aspirational, and what’s accessible and applicable, is a major part of the strategy behind TRNK.

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