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exhibition 03.21.23


Whether made from silk, stone, or ceramic, the works presented by the nine female designers in GAEA share a similar desire to question our preconceived notions of form, drawing parallels to the multifaceted experience of womanhood.



Ambrose Rhapsody Murray, Hamzat Raheem, Maya Beverly, and Yves Craft are four emerging artists who reference Black American culture and history in their chosen materiality. By using culturally significant mediums that connect art and design, they shed light on the craft techniques practiced by Black people since, well, forever...

exhibition 12.01.22

Gift Guide: Editor's Picks

From ceramic vessels carefully-crafted by a small studio in Spain to quirkly coffee mugs designed and produced by a young, budding talent in South Korea, we've assorted our favorite gift picks for this holiday season, assured to impress even the most discerning on your list.

'Hathor' Series by Farrah Sit

Hathor is the first collaboration between Farrah Sit and TRNK Collection. The collection is inspired by Farrah’s pilgrimages to ancient monolithic structures and her reactions to their divinity and timelessness.

Interview with Evan Jerry of Studio Anansi

Read our interview with the Evan Jerry - the creative mind behind the Fawohodie collection - to learn about his origin story and inspiration.

exhibition 07.05.22

'Agua' by Denisse Ariana Perez

For TRNK Editions, we’ve curated a selection of photos from the artist’s first published book, Agua. Shot in Senegal, Agua is an intimate and endless journey of human exploration that captures a vital and magical relationship between people and water...

Hyungshin Hwang

Born in Seoul, 1981, Hyungshin Hwang is a Korean designer with a B.F.A and M.F.A from Hongik University. He has been articulating ordinary experiences and past memories through creating objects and the ‘layered series’ collection...

exhibition 05.16.22

Earthen Luminaries

Realized in stoneware and porcelain, lamps built of ceramics imbue artisanal qualities into a highly industrialized product. In contrast to ubiquitous LED strips and the precision of contemporary lighting design, Earthen Luminaries observes functional heirlooms that celebrate time-honed techniques and craft-informed aesthetics.

exhibition 04.27.22


The first collaboration between Studio Anansi and TRNK - draws inspiration from the entangled relationship between traditional African aesthetics and Western modernism.

Canoa Lab

Founded by Raquel Vidal & Pedro Paz, Canoa Lab is contemporary ceramics studio rooted in the classics. Inspired largely by archaeology and ancient Mediterranean vessels, the studio experiments with unique casting, coiling, and glazing techniques...

In the news 03.18.22

The New York Showroom That Feels Like Your Fancy Friend's Living Room

Buzzy furniture and product design studio TRNK offers a beautiful curation of photography, ceramics, and furniture.

Sisan Lee

Seoul-based designer Sisan Lee majored in Interior Design at Konkuk University Global Campus in Chungju, where he became intrigued by different forms and textures of stones...

In the news 10.14.21

Meet the Brooklyn-Based Designer and Cofounder of Innovative Furniture Brand TRNK

Tariq Dixon takes Trnk to the next level with curatorial projects and collabs that amplify new voices

exhibition 06.03.21


Throughout history, queer people have transcended biological and social norms to redefine family. Too often discarded by our own kinfolk, or in search of deep bonds elsewhere, we seek refuge in the comfort of our peers...

exhibition 02.01.21

Resistance :: Resilience

From the seminal photojournalism of Gordon Parks to Amy Sherald’s recent portrait of the late Breonna Taylor, contextualizing the history of Black art as activism instigates a paradoxically sobering, yet arousing reaction to our country's current state...

In the news 10.28.20

Tariq Dixon Wants to Dig Deeper

Concerned that racial representation in the design industry doesn’t go far enough, the co-founder of furniture brand TRNK is bringing to light the erased Black histories that influenced Western creative movements–and his work is just beginning.

exhibition 10.22.20


A digital exhibition that celebrates African and Indigenous contributions to western visual languages and design cultures. 

exhibition 06.01.20


TRNK Editions presents MIEN - a cross-section of queer artists of color who leverage portraiture photography to explore identity beyond visibility.

exhibition 05.15.20


REND proposes a new vantage point on duality by engaging the diverse approaches of four designers whose works share a common material language: metal and stone...